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Global Leader in Agricultural Sorting and Processing

LifeNTech is recognized as the best technology in Korea through numerous R & D and delivery achievements.

Hello everyone who loves LifeNTech.

LifeNTech is the global leader in the grading and post-processing of agricultural products, which had been started from academic technology venture of Seoul National University, Republic of Korea. Our mission is to enable fully automatic grading and post-processing for agricultural products. In consequence, we intend to bring social benefits coming from development of the cutting-edge technology, and to accelerate transparent distribution process not to allow any kind of unauthorized control.

LifeNtech products are developed and assembles at one location, resulting in a complete, highly qualitative line of machinery that connects perfectly and functions efficiently as one. Quality for LifeNTech means exact, reliable and durable machines, keeping maintenance costs low.
Our products are delivering non-destructive evaluating technology ranging from sorting, washing, and drying machinery for agricultural products; in 2000, we developed our first machine vision system which is followed by automatic sorting machine of unpeeled garlic, cucumber, apple, tomato, citrus, orange in 2001, pepper's shape & color in 2004, jinseng’s shape & color in 2007, broccoli’s shape in 2008, paprika’s shape & color in 2009, as well as developed continuously internal quality evaluating system of various fruits including apple, pear, citrus, orange, watermelon, melon, tomato, grape, strawberry, sweet pumpkin and also has been providing washing, cutting, drying pipelines and automatic weighing / packaging equipment since then.
LifeNtech strides for constant innovation in technique, likewise in the digital field. With LifeNTech Machine Remote maintenance and updates of the machines can be performed remotely and the client can download data from the machine to analyze and process on his owe system.
The combination of development and assembly at one location gives all the more possibilities for flexible, personal solutions for the client, a great starting point for strong service. Not surprisingly, the value of LifeNtech for the client lies, besides a highly qualitative machine, in expert advice during the procurement process and perfect service during installation and the entire lifespan of the machine.

We will make our efforts to keep going through improving non-destructive grading of agricultural industry and expanding food safety inspection including detection of pesticide residues and hazardous substance.
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Improving the added value of agricultural and marine products Harvesting to establish safe distribution of agricultural and fishery products Automating the selection and processing of agricultural products