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You can see all products from sorting to packing machine according to the proven technology of the Life&Tech.

  • Non-Destructive Evaluating Technology

    When determining non-destructive sharpness When you use sharp and skewed techniques to determine sharpness, technology / technology can be secured with source technology and based on the base. For domestic and foreign third parties, we provide customized solutions.

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  • Camera Sorting Technology

    Camera technology is one of the key technologies for not only objective grading of agricultural products but also automation of processing process. In bio and technology, we have multi-channel crawler sorting technology and high capacity processing for more accurate measurement of color and shape of agricultural products. Speed algorithms have been developed and have already proven camera sorting solutions for a variety of agricultural products.

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  • Drying Technology

    Drying is the process of removing moisture. The moisture content at harvest varies depending on the agricultural products, but generally it is about 30% for cereals and over 70% for fruit and vegetables, so it takes considerable energy and cost to dry. LifeNTech Co., Ltd. believes that it is the core of the drying technology to reduce the drying cost while preventing the deterioration of the quality of the agricultural products. We also provide the optimal drying solution through analysis of the physical properties of agricultural products, analysis of the flow of hot air, and drying of far infrared rays.

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  • Stablitlity Evaluation Technology

    Residual pesticides present in agricultural products, or harmful or harmful substances added during processing of food, are fatal to the human body and dangerous for long-term consumption. In recent years, as many people have become interested in health, interest in agro-food safety has increased, and it is becoming a promising core technology. LifeNTech Co., Ltd. is currently researching on the commercialization stage through continuous research and development on the rapid detection technology of residual pesticides and harmful components using spectroscopic technology.

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