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Non-Destructive Evaluating Technology


All agricultural products have there's own flavor. Among them, sugar content and acidity are the main factor determining the taste of agricultural products.
Non-destructive Evaluating Technology refers to the sugar content as well as acidity, which determines the taste, and internal defects that influence quality, If you do not cut it directly. Since the early 1990s, LifeNTech has already acquired VIS / NIR (visible / near infrared) spectroscopy technology, which is the core of non-destructive evaluating, as a source technology. Based on this, we provide customized solutions that can not be realized by other domestic and foreign companies)

Non-Destructive Evaluating principle

When light is irradiated on agricultural products, the taste and component of agricultural products reacts to the irradiated light. This is measured by a non-destructive sensor and then statistical analysis is used to determine the taste. Internal conditions of agricultural products are also judged by the same principle.

Non-destructive sensor method

Non-destructive sensors are available in various measuring methods such as reflective, semi-permeable and transmissive. For thin agricultural products such as apples and pears, reflective and semi-permeable and permeable types can be used, Permeable type is be used for thick-skinned produce such as watermelons and melons. In the case of citrus fruits and hanlabong, the peel is relatively thick compared to apples and pears. For the internal state of agricultural products other than sugar content, it is not possible to use a reflection type, and a semi-permeable or permeable type should be applied. LifeNTech has a total solution that can build all kinds of systems that customers desire by developing diverse sensor methods and evaluating line technology and control technology suitable for each sensor.

Non-destructive Evaluating Technology Application Process

By irradiating agricultural products with light, The correlation between the data obtained by the non - destructive sensor and the quantitative values ​​obtained by the standard method for measuring the components of the agricultural products were analyzed by statistical techniques, It analyzes and predicts unknown samples and is called spectroscopic analysis technique. LifeNTech has a wide range of non-destructive sensors and line technologies as well as world-class spectral analysis technologies that are difficult to follow by other companies.

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