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1. CryRoll
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    CryRoll is Dohmeyer’s high-tech rotary freezer (IQF). The freezing power of IQF is determined by the time the prodcut stays in the freezer, which can be controlled based on the speed of the drum and the slope of the cylinder.

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    Product Freezing Process : Internal Drum Rotaton – Product Supply – Cryogenic Gas Injection

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    Freezing Gas : Liquefied Nitrogen, Liquefied Carbon Dioxide

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    Freezing Minimum Temperature : -60 Degree (Liquefied Carbon Dioxide), -100 Degree (Liquefied Nitrogen)

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    This freezer consists of two spatially separated series belts, which are advantageous for continuous operation due to excellent frost prevention compared with other in-line combination belt devices.


    Key Features
    1. Design for easy access to internal equipment considering maintenance
    2. Minimizing energy loss through horizontal flow of condensed cool air
    3. Stainless Steel & Plastic for food use
    4. Finishing to minimize frost damage
    5. Maintenance via remot control ( internet )
    6. Automatic cleaning fuction with fully automatic CIP device